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List of our products

  • 33/11/0.4 kV Power/ Distribution Transformers and rectifiers.
  • 11/33kV VCB, AIS and GIS Switchgear (L&T Electrical and Automation)
  • Transformer oil and Transformer Spares for power and distribution transformers.
  • Low voltage and medium voltage power cables (KEI, KEC and LS)
  • Low voltage Contactors, Capacitors, MCB, MCCB, ELCB, ACB and Change over switches.

  • Low voltage Power distribution and control panels with complete wiring.

  • Low voltage and medium voltage outdoor and indoor substation accessories.
  • Low voltage and medium voltage overhead line accessories. (Surge Arrestor, DDLO, Bare Conductor, Insulators and etc.)
  • Low voltage and medium voltage cable accessories (Termination Kits, Jointing Kits and Tapes)
  • Electrical Safety Equipments (11/33kV Safety Gloves, Insulation rubber mats and Safety helmets)  
Power Cable Accessories - BBC Cellpack GmbH
L&T Electrical and Automation

Power Cable Accessories - BBC Cellpack GmbH (Authorized Partner)

Heat shrink technology for experts: cable accessories with heat shrink components made from extruding plastic (thermoplastics) distinguish themselves by their vast application range for the most different types of cable such as pipelines- and cross section ranges in low- and medium voltage systems. They protect against water and damp penetration and therefore against metal corrosion, thus guaranteeing high electrical insulation as well as mechanical protection. The hybrid joints and cable terminations that have been specially developed by BBC Cellpack for medium-voltages, combine components made out of silicone rubber and heat shrink products for reliable operational safety.


Termination Kit(LV/11/33kV)


Jointing Kits

Joint kits

Elbow/ Plug-in Connectors

elbow connector

Insulation tapes

Insulation tapes

Circuit Breakers and Bus-ducting Systems - L&T Electrical and Automation (Authorized Partner)

L&T Electrical & Automation (E&A) is one of the largest manufacturers of low and medium voltage switchgear components, low & medium voltage switchboards, power quality solutions, solar energy solutions, energy management system & metering solutions, life cycle enhancement (modernisation) and industrial automation solutions. These products and solutions cater to the distribution, monitoring and control of electrical power in industries, utilities, buildings & critical infrastructure, national assets and agriculture sectors.A popular brand in the country, L&T Switchgear performs efficiently and delivers quality of power and management of energy in different environmental conditions. Designed to perform with reliability, all switchgear products offer several safety, communication and data management features.       


33kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker (Tamco L&T)


Air Circuit Breaker



Contactors (Power/Control)


Busbar trunking systems (Bus-duct)