Design, installation and maintenance of industrial automation systems, maintenance under the guidance of well trained engineers from Mitsubishi electric Japan.

Power factor correction and harmonic filtering

Electrical installations and maintenance.

Transmission and distribution

Power monitoring and commissioning

Maintenance and accessories for water treatment plants

PLC And SCADA systems

* 132/33/11Kv & 400/230V Underground Cable Laying Joint & termination works & Test Methods.    (XLPE/PILC cables)

* Transformer Oil Filtering & Oil Iron Particle removing of 220/132/33/11KV & 11KV/400V, Transformer oil    break down voltage Testing and Dissolve gas analysis, Tan Delta Testing.

* Power monitor with Current analyzing, Voltage harmonics for Measures of Capacitor Bank kVAR in power factor correction for Monthly Energy Bill Reduction. (Capacitor bank Supply & installation Service)

* 33kV Pole Line Construction and 220kV/132/33kV, 132/11kV Grid Sub-station Construction.

* Earthing system testing and repairs.

* 33kV Tower Line Maintenance, Way Leaves Clearing and 220/132/33kV Pole Line Construction.

* 220kV/132kV Transmission lines construction works.

* 220/132kV/33/11Kv switchgear & Transformer Supply, Installation & Maintenance with Protection System Testing. (O.C.B, V.C.B,A.I.S,SF6 & GIS )

* P.P.M Digital & Analogue Energy Measuring Equipment Program, Trouble Shooting, Supply & Installation of 11Kv and 230/400V for Incoming & Distribution Feeders.

* Design & Installation of 220/132/33/11Kv & 230/400V Free Standing Control Panel. (A.T.S & Motorize Changeover Switch)

* A/C generators & Motors (230/400V) Rewinding, Installation & maintenance with the Supply of Generator for Hire Basis.

* Annual maintenances of 220/132/33/11kV Sub-stations and Distribution systems.

* 220/132kV Fibre Splicing contractors in Sri Lanka.

* Installation and maintenance of all sorts of water treatment plants.

* 220/132kV Fibre Splicing contractors in Sri Lanka.

* Supply and installation of variable speed drives.